Fisker EMotion Has Crazy Doors!

Fisker EMotion Has Crazy Doors! Fisker EMotion is the latest generation of car from Fisker although it isn't the same company. It is now Fisker Inc. So that Karma was not so successful, this is different company all together.

The is not all electric super sport sedan and it is rather striking, swooping lines, capsule in the middle with a small trunk and hood. Huge wheels and tires, crazy hinge doors, this car is full of designs.

There's still much of prototype, but Fisker said production plans are are aiming for late 2019. When it does come the company states 400 mile range and $130,000 price tag.

The definitely is not meant to be the cheapest car but an entry for those still hesitant getting a electric car if you can afford it.

On the inside, the EMotion has screens everywhere. In the back seat you have the option to get a huge monitor which is probably the biggest we have seen in any car and you have things like glass proof, bucket seats.

The interior overall seemed like a nice place to be.

Fisker EMotion Has Crazy Doors!

The interesting touch is the doors. When getting inside, we seriously thought it could be a challeng because you have the door right above you. You can stand up straight and just get in the lcar like normal.

The design is outstanding as well. It is integrated into the body rather than just being plopped up. The body lines flowed throughout the car. Interesting design is everwhere with this car.

But design is not every thing though and there is still a lot of questions about how this car will work. it s still a long road for EMotion but at least now we have the idea f what to expect.

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