Best iOS Apps January 2018

Best iOS Apps January 2018. We are half way through January and we put together some of our favorites iOS apps. Let's get started and see which app you need to download to you Apple devices.

1. PinDrive

This is an app that uses augmented reality to show you where you last park your car. After you park, just take a photo of your location and place a pin. Then, when you start heading back to your car, you can look at the world through the view finder to find that digital pin you placed before.

2. Sonic Runners Adventure

This game was just released to the App Store. It is a $3 game that could absolutely be worth it if you love Sonic or old arcade game. What's interesting is that this game is from Gameloft which means it does not include all the advertisements or in-app purchases that were found in the previous Sega.

I guess we all know how to play the game. You basically play as a hedgehog and collect golden rings.

3. Who's In

Who's In is a social productivity app that makes planning a breeze. You can search for activities that you would like to do with your friends, suggest time to meet up and than let your friends vote for the best option.

Best iOS Apps January 2018

This app has support for restaurants, movies, events, but you can also create your own event too.

4. Spire Music Recorder

This free app should appeal to the music producers out there. This app lets you layer up to 8 tracks to build a song and there are some creative effects that you can use to customize your music.

What really caught our eyes was just the simplicity of the app. We just dark theme which is easy on the eyes, as well as the clean layout. This ultimately makes producing music a breeze!

5. Snakes

Snakes is the modern-day version of classic game or you have to eat as many apples as possible. But every time you eat an apple, you get longer and if you touch yourself, you die.

In this app, there are two man actions. Move the snakes and fill the boards. There are 12 worlds and 480 levels, so this game should take you awhile to beat.

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