Best iOS Apps in July 2017

Best iOS Apps in July 2017. Hello July, meaning we get to see some of the best iOS apps to hit the App Store. We have compile to 5 applications for you to check out.

1. Curiosity
This is a fun app that will hopefully learn you something. Every day this app will generate a new topic for your to read about. The topics range from history, art, to science news, technology advances. So this app will should appeal to just about everyone. 

You can read content, watch them, and even react to it by liking or saving the facts to share with your friends.

2. Adobe Scan
Adboe Scan is one of the seemingly millions of scanning apps on the App Store but it is on the list because it does its job well and it is FREE. Adobe Scan uses your phone camera to scan images enter them to PDF. You can crop the selection easily, rotate it and even save your scan to Cloud to access anywhere.

3. Sonic 1
Sega has blessed us with the free version of Sonic Hedgehog with advertisements. You can play the classics take a game on your iPhone. There are two digital joystick to control Sonic but other than that it is just the classic game full of rings and enemies. You can actually buy the app without advertisements for $2 but the option to play for free is good enough.

4. Unboxed
It is a very relevant app for those who like unboxing Youtube channel to help discover new gadgets you might want to buy. So this app has three main pillars. The first is consumption, you can watch popular unboxing videos. The second is communication, which you can ask questions and and share your experiences with others who share your same interest. The third is everyone's fav, shopping. After you are done watching your favorite expert videos, there will be a link to check out the product on Amazon.

5. Taskful
Taskful is a smart to-do-list which is our fav. You can create smart tasks, track your steps, create tasks, and create a reward systems that give more of an incentive to accomplish your goals. The cherry on top is a dark mode and spiff animation that make this navigating app more enjoyable.

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