Best Android Apps May 2017

Best Android Apps May 2017. We have reached June and we thought it is the best time to compile some of the best Android apps from Play Store during the month.

1. No Stick Shooter
This is a modern take on a classic arcade shooter. It is quite simple, all you have to do is fire weapons at oncoming hordes of enemies. There is some strategies involved and plenty of weapons to choose from and over 30 levels of non-stop mayhem. Notifications reminder take advantage of Android's swipe down. What this app allows you to do is create reminder that you can access from a notifications.

no stick shooter

2. Stash
Stash for Reddit is a must have for the Reddit junkies out there where you are on your Wifi connection the app will download videos, gifs, images, from you favorite SubReddit. So you can browse through your favourite Sub Reddits without using any mobile data. The app will actually sync when you asleep or at work. When you dont have your mobile data, you will still see the latest posts.

3. Autoset 
 Autoset is another powerful system modifier. You can use this app to automatically enable and disable utilities as you start specific apps. This might sound confusing but as example would be to set it up that it activates location everytime you open up Google Maps and deactivates it when you leave. It's a powerful tool to have in your tool box.

4. Flix
If you like circular shaped icons, you wanna into the Flix icon pack. It features circular icons that are minimal and reminiscent of stock Android. The only difference being circular shape of the icons. The are over 300 icons and the packs work many of the popular launchers on the Play Store. For thouse who are looking for fun twist, this is the app.

5. Minimalist Wallpaper
This apps features a ton of minimalist wallpapers to choose from. In fact there are over 2,500 wallpapers with new ones being added every single day. We all love simplicity and high resolution images. A minimal wallpaper really highlights apps you your phone. 

6. Screenhot Assistant 
Great app to have if you take a lot of screenshots. After you configure this app, all you need to do is take a screenshot is hold down the home button. From there you can crop the screenshot and share it with you friends.

Those are our favorite Android apps for May 2017.

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  1. dik.. nanti buat yang IOS plak.. hee~ android kakak dah tua, tak boleh dah nak masuk apps yang baru baru nih.. asyik sangkut jek..


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