Baywatch - Movie Review

Baywatch - Movie Review

Baywatch - Movie Review. So, Baywatch is now a movie and actually in theaters and we saw it. Mitch Buchannon played by The Rock and Matt Brody is played by Zac Efron have to team up as life guard pals to solve the drug case on the beach. Possibly save some people from drowning along the way.

Here's a thing, if you go to a movie called Baywatch knowing it is based on the 90's hit tv show, you are gonna have a great time. This movie is dumb, but in a good way because you see it coming.

Baywatch - Movie Review 

We certainly did not go to Baywatch movie expecting other that a lot of boobs and muscles. In all seriousness this movie is a guilty pleasure. Rated-R, and we all pretty exited about because they did not sell this film to young teenagers.

The movie also screeches to a halt whenever it cut back to the main villain of the movie who's portrayed bu a very world-renowned actress, Priyanka Chopra.

We just wanted them to show more than Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron competing with each other in the various tests of macho strength because they have been doing that for the first half of the
Baywatch - Movie Review
Baywatch the movie is best when it is just being a really silly action comedy. It said it's worse when it tries to be anything other than that. Towards the end of the movie it gets absolutely absurd.

It is really hard to critic Baywatch because technically it is really bad but when the source material is from the 90's.........

One aspect of Baywatch that we found really disappointing was the action scene. There's a lot of them and it was quite a bit of green screen and nothing looks realistic.

Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario gave a really good performance.

Baywatch the movie, is it terrible? Yes. But it's fine because it's BAYWATCH. So we are gonna give 6.5/10.

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