Jennifer Lawrence Reunites With Nicholas Hoult 2015?

Jennifer Lawrence broke up with Chris Martin and reunites with Nicholas Hoult. We just saw Jennifer leaving her hotel in New York City, go apartment hunting in Tribeca, and also grabbed lunch with her friend. But no Chris Martin in sight. That is because, US Magazine reported that she split up with the Coldplay's frontman for the second time.

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The magazine reports: "Jen has been working non stop and never saw each other".

Come to think of it, we never saw them either except for the glimpse of them at back seat of a car together in Los Angeles. JLaw's romance with the 38 year-old has apparently been on and off for a year.

But now she s reportedly spending time with her ex boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. The couple are apparently on great terms. Their families have even kept in close contact with one another.

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