Jennifer Lawrence Visiting Nicholas Hoult Parents?

What did we lear about Jennifer Lawrence this week? Well, she hates having time off and has no one to go fishing with. The Hunger Games star reportedly getting cozy with ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult.

Lawrence broke off her relationship with the 25 year-old actor over the summer and she of course is dating Coldplay's frontman, Chris martin. However, during her free time while in the UK this week to promote The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1, JLaw is rumored to has visit Nicholas Hoult parents in South East, England.

According to Daily Star Newspaper, Hoult is still adore Jennifer (who doesn't?) and so do his family. He's been speaking regularly on Skype.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult will reunite on set when the begin filming The X-Men Apocalypse next year. The couple clicked during the making of The X-Men First Class which premiered in 2011 and it was seemed the duo will make another relationship sequel and will spend time together again. 

Jennifer Lawrence also mention Nicholas Hoult The Late Night Show with David Letterman earlier this week. 

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