Eva Mendes Avoids Her Breakup Rumors

Eve Mendes, avoided talking about her breakup rumors with Ryan Gosling in her latest interview for Violet Grey.

Ryan and Eva who haven't been spotted together for months, reportedly took a break for each other. Sources said that Eva thought Ryan is kind of guy that every woman wants, as if it's great on paper, but she felt something was missing.

The sources also said that Ryan wanted more in their relationship, but Eva was trying pulled it back. 

And maybe the other thing that made their relationship got cold was when Ryan's ex-girlfriend, Rachel McAdams had been calling and texting him lately.
Rachel always kept in touch with Ryan. And after she broke up with Michael Sheen, she's been calling Ryan as a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately, Eva didn't seem happy about this.

I still want that Ryan and Rachel are going back together. The Notebook curse. They fell in love, lost, and regain. 

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