Love Simon Movie Review

Love Simon Movie Review. Love Simon is adapted from Becky Albertalli's book and star Nick Robinson as Simon Spier,  a young man in high school who has a secret.

Simon has a great life, wonderful parents played by Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel who really care about him. But for Simon, he is worried if he tells his family life will never be the same. That darkest secret is, he is gay.

 Love Simon Movie Review

When he develops some online relationship with someone who is also gay, this gives Simon courage to do a lot of things he was always afraid to do.

Love Simon is a mainstream teen romance, told from a perspective from a gay man. Which is very uncommon. This movie is extremely well written, well acted, and well directed. Nick Robinson gives the best performance we have ever seen from him.

This movie does not beg you to see at Simon's character and asking us to feel sorry for him. It's so easy to relate to Simon. If you ever had any struggles, there is something to appreciate from this movie and it is just not a mainstream teen romance. 

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Something that a lot of teen romance fall into is that it need to be in the big dramatic moment. Love Simon's dialogues do not feel forced. It was charming and extremely relatable. Every single character has something about them.

But, we also have small issue about this film. Its antagonist is a kid at school who does some really awe full things but did not get the right amount of attention. Also, in the opening montage, Simon says.. " my life is just like yours except for my one big secret." That's the only thing we don't buy because Simon is one of those "rich kids".

We rate Love Simon: 9/10
Love Simon Movie Review Love Simon Movie Review Reviewed by on March 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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