Best Android Apps February 2018

We have reached February, meaning we get to reflect some of the best new or up to date Android apps on the Play Store. Without further due, lets get started.

1. Mirror Emoji Keyboard

One of the newest third party keyboard on the Play Store. It is a preety neat way to spice up your communications. Basically, you take a selfie and the app generate your own personal emoji and you can use it or post it on your social media.

The keyboard, it does not have that swipe support which such a bummer. But it is simple and works great.

2. Remindee

This app helps you create reminders from any applications that you can share. All you have to do just hit the 'Share' button in the app from the content you want to create reminder about. After you tap Remindee, you set the date and time and that's it.

3. Chilly Snow

Chilly Snow has a great simplicity and addicting gameplay. All you have to do is just chill and slide as far as you can to try and beat your high score.

4. Mapapers

One of the coolest wallpaper app that we ever come across is called Mapapers. The app lets yu theme a map just the way you like it to help fit with your smartphone. You just need to pick a style, search for a location and press the 'Save' button. Then, set the image as wallpaper.

It is pretty cool and the wallpapers look really good!

5. SpotOn

This is an app in Beta but we just love its concept. The app lets you set a timer to fall asleep and wake up to your favorite Spotify tracks, albums, or playlist. You can play any songs have the mosic slowly fade out at night and wake you up in the morning.

It is a must have app if you subscribe to Spotify and would like to listen to some music before going to bed.

6. Files Go by Google

This is a storage manager app that helps you free up you space on your phone, find files faster and share them with others. The app gives you the option to old photos and messages that you dont read anymore.

You can remove duplicate files, erase unused app, clear your cash and so on. The app just got upgraded to work on tablets.

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  1. seems interesting..will search n try those apps later perhaps :D


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