Jake Paul BREAKS HIS SILENCE on Logan Paul Controversy

Jake Paul, you really have no shame do you? Now he is trying to capitalize his older brother's controversy. If it is look like a Paul brother walks like a Paul brother and talks like a Paul brother, it is most definitely a Paul brother vlog.

Jake is trying to shedding light on his brother's trip to Japan. Do we learn anything new?

At the beginning of January, Logan Paul and some friends took a trip to Japan, terrorized the city streets and filmed a deceased body in the Japanese Suicide Forrest.

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He has faced MAJOR backlash since posting the video then deleting it and now he's been keeping a low profile since.

But you know who has not been keeping a low profile life.... Yeah, his brother, Jake Paul. He os currently in Aspen with some friends. He did not take a second from being crazy, loud, and obnoxious to address his brother's Youtube demise.

 Jake starts off his speech by admitting what his brother did was:
"very very wrong and he made a huge mistake. I know in the back of his head, he did not mean to offend or hurt anybody."
Think about it, this is the same stuff that we have heard before. Is Jake bringing up just continuing to damage his brother's image.

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