Nest Secure: How Secure Is It?

Nest Secure: How Secure Is It? Is Your appartment secure when you are out and about? Nest reached out about their new Nest Secure security system. Since one of our team members has used Nest's products, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

So, in the box you will get everything you need to get up and running. You have Nest guard base station, to detect motion sensors and two  Nest tags for disabling the alarm.

On the surface, the whole system is not too different from a traditional security system. You have your keypad to key in your code. You have different arming modes when you are at home or when you are away. 

Nest Secure: How Secure Is It?

What makes Nest Secure different and better those traditional systems is the amount of control you have. Let's start with the app. All connects to the same Nest app that you would use to your thermostat or camera or anything from Nest. It connects easily by scanning barcodes on the back of  the sensor. Then, follow the on screen instructions.

The guard station connects to your wifi network so you will be connected. Then, you have the option for $5 a month or $50 a year through t-mobile to have a cellular connectivity. Or, if you would like,  you can subscribe to a professional 24/7 monitoring.

In addition to the base station, you have the detect motion sensors. These can go on a door, window, or to the wall.

Nest Secure app

In the app is where you are going to monitor everything that happens. So, if the system  detects motions you are gonna get a ping on your phone.

Nest Tags

When you are coming home, the system comes in with two tags. These a little chips you can put on your key ring and instead of entering your code, you just tap this on the base station and it will disarm your system.

For $500 although that's a bit on the higher side, this is relatively full featured system. It will definitely brings you security that everything at home is safe.

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