Coco Movie Review

Coco Movie Review

Coco Movie Review. Pixar's Coco, centers on a young boy named Miguel who wants to take a cue from his idol and become a musician. But the problem is, his family has a strict ban on music. While defying them and trying to live his dream, Miguel winds up in the land of the dead.

Coco Movie Review

The story is excellent. Miguel is a delight, his family is filled with colorful unique characters and Coco's script does a really great job highlighting Mexican culture, the day of the dead and just the universal importance on family.

His hopes and dreams are very valid real and they are also kind of relateable right from the start to the point you are instantly rooting for him to get exactly what he wants then. But after that, getting to be there as he goes on an adventure, its shapes and changes.

Coco Movie Review

As for the visuals, if you have see Coco's trailer you probably know this already but this movie is stunning. The land of the dead is truly mesmerizing with so much details, energy, and colors.

Pixar has been improving their techniques ever since Toy Story. The amount of depth they are able to achieve is just staggering and the lighting is spectacular.


There is a lot of laughs in Coco but one of the defining features of this film is how it earns every single tear you shed. The emotional element of this movie is so deep. Because you get to know and feel for Miguel for his hopes and dreams.

Coco Movie Review

The scores and songs are also serve the atmosphere in the feature film so, so well.

There a little plot detail that we have a problem with but that's okay because everything else could cover it. 


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