The Circle - Movie Review

The Circle - Movie Review. It is a frightening look at technology and how that could help and ruin our personal lives in the future. This movie has a lot of idea but t just lets you down in a lot of different ways primarily because it is base on a novel.

The Circle is directed by James Ponsoldt and it tells a story about a young girl portrayed by Emma Watson who works at this company that has mixed between Google and Twitter. Everyone that works at this company is encourage to put information out on the internet.

Tom Hanks unveil this new product which is little tin camera that they are going to place everywhere so people can view everything what's going on int the world.

Going to this movie, we were kind of intrigue because it has Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, and this is Bill Paxton's last movie. Unfortunately this movie is horrible! We felt really betrayed by this film because the it was marketed.... turned out it doesn't do much.

It has zero depth to it, The Circle is a complete mess. From the beginning until the end there is one incident/moment of tension.

The editing in the movie is so bad and there is one scene in particular stood out for us is the scene in the bathroom when Emma has conversation with her friend.

If you are a fan of Watson and Hanks, dont see this movie because you will be disapointed.

The Circle: 4/10

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