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Dunkirk Movie Review

Dunkirk Movie Review. Dunkirk is directed by Christopher Nolan and it is based on the true event when 400,000 soldiers with their back to the sea trapped on the beach completely surrounded by German forces that were coming in and no way to get home. The the concerted organized effort to save those guys.
Trust us, this is one of the most intense films you are going to see this year. The way Nolan sculpts this story is is so impressive. We heard early on on some screenings that a lot of critics are saying there's not a lot of characters development in Dunkirk and audience won't get to know the characters.
But, what you realize is that this movie is not about any of the characters. Dunkirk is about on particular moment. Nolan want to take the audience and immerse them into a situation that happened once. He wanted you to feel all the intensity, tension, and fear of being trapped and attacked.

When the bullets are whizzing by and the boats are sinking you  did not need to see bloo…

YouTube Red Impression

YouTube Red Impression.  Hello, today I am about to talk about Youtube's new subscription service called Youtube Red. Once you logged in as a subscriber, it looks like the ordinary Youtube but the only different is when I clicked on a video, it loads up with no ads. It is an amazing experience like driving without a speed limit.

The other thing that you will notice, as I am going to different video a new button shows up where I can download the video to watch offline. If I decided to save the video, you will have some options of the video's resolutions.

Another thing that you will see on Youtube Red is 'Backgorund Play'. Background play is whenever you are watching a video and the you got a text and you want jump over. Then you get some options - Always on, when you are using phones, or turning it off.

If someone subscribes to Youtube Red, they won't have ads, but they will be PAYING money each month for about USD10 per month, that goes into a pool and will be divvied up between the videos viewed, and time spent viewing presumably. We don't know the exact details and breakdown of the payments, but there is payment.

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