Bieber Breaks Guinness World Record

Bieber Breaks Guinness World Record. Justin Bieber performed at Rockafella Plaza for The Today Show, it was quite rainy in New York and the sun wasn't out. Thankfully, Justin's hair was able to light up the crowd. Since yesterday, Justin has been teasing fans about the performance and posting a picture captioned:

"Performing tomorrow on The Today Show come find me"

Thousands of fans showed up and they even camping outside of the Rockafella Plaza to get a front row to see Bieber. Justin showed up looking amazing with a great top and a hat before kicking of the performance with his new hit, What Do You Mean.

The he showed his new hair that he rocked at the VMAs, however when he took off his head we all shocked to see his wild style remain the same. But  the hair had changed about 10 shades lighter.

In addition to surprising us with his hair, Justin got surprised himself. Guinness World Record revealed Justin broke a world record for his new song What Do You Mean. He is the youngest male of to debut at number one on The Billboard Hot 100.

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