Zac Efron Gets Egged on Jimmy Fallon

Zac Efron Gets Egged on Jimmy Fallon. A very eggxiting Zac Efron was the guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night promoting his new movie We Are Your Friends. Well, did he know the yolks was on him.

Also the gorgeous Zac went head to head with Fallon during an intense game called Egg Russian Roulette for each contestant got to pick an egg an smashed on their forehead, which either be hard boiled or raw.

Zac definitely brought his egg face to the egg battle. He looked a little skeptical at first but the minute he picked up the egg, the confidence took over him. This leads us to believe that Zac is an egg whisperer. LOL! I mean, how else could he have known with such accuracy which egg was hard boiled and raw.

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