San Andreas - Movie Review

San Adreas movie review. The movie stars The Rock and it is clearly the 2013's The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, Deep Impact, and 2012. This is probably the faster plots I've seen this year.

When you go to this movie, you pretty much know exactly what are you gonna get, the trailer tells you what are you gonna get. A lot of CGI spectical, explosions and buildings falling down. Characters are not really important in this movie.

This is a big disaster movie and earthquake continually shakes California and it it Dwayne Johnson rescues a lot of people. I can't really say if you go see this movie you would be disappointed because it had high expectation regards the storyline.

San Andreas is just a movie about great CGI. A lot of intense scene and jaw dropping moments. One involving a boat in a tsunami. 

The Rock was good as always. Carla Gugino? she was great too. Alexandra Daddario is a great looking woman, pretty good in True Detective, kinda bad in this movie. She did overly shocked face for a large majority of the movie.

For the most part the acting is fine, there are moment when they are trying to flash out the character more and involving the past between The Rock and Carla Gugino were splendid.

After awhile, it actually got a little boring it really is just the same disaster movie. I am going to give this movie... B.

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San Andreas - Movie Review San Andreas - Movie Review Reviewed by on May 29, 2015 Rating: 5

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