Charlie Charlie Challenge Is FAKE

Charlie Charlie Challenge Is FAKE. There is a new game in town and it is called. Charlie Charlie. Here is how it works, kids are trying to summon a Mexican demon called Charlie and they got freaked out when they get a response.

Remember the Ouija board and light as feather stiff as a board? It was terrifying! So the Charlie Charlie Challenge is a combination of the two and become the latest craze on social media.

How to play Charlie Charlie Challenge

1. Write YES or NO on a piece of paper in a shape of squares
2. And the in the middle of the square, places two pencils in a shape of cross, balancing on top of the others so it can spin.
3. From there, you say "Charlie Charlie are you here" or what ever you want to ask.

And the pencil moves!

The question is, is it real or is it fake? Well, it comes from a traditional Mexican ritual called Six Pencils or The Pencils Game. There must be perfectly legitimate science reason behind it like gravity, magnetic pole, or pencils positioning.

Well, the truth is... IT IS 100% FAKE!

Because when you saw the word Charlie, Charlie. Your breath is actual that makes the pencil moves. If you cover your mouth or keep you distance from the pencil, nothing happens.

So, don't believe everything on the internet. Thanks for reading Charlie Charlie Challenge Is FAKE


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