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Pitch Perfect 2 movie review. Pitch Perfect 2 is directed by Elizabeth Banks, stars Anna Kendrick and the rest of the original casts of the first film along with the new comer, Hailee Steinfeld. Once again it is a story of the accapella group, Bellas who are trying to win some sort of competition. But other than that it is really about their friendship.

You might think, "it is a good movie?" or "is it worth watching?" Well first film actually did surprised me, I thought it was okay. One of the reason I watch this movie because the first one surprised a lot of people with the casts and their storyline.

Also, I was curious to see how Elizabeth Banks directed the film. Anna Kendrick's character got a job at this company where she was interning for this music producer. Then it started to take the characters to more compelling direction. The movie won me over in the end.

There is a lot of energy to it. Elizabeth banks did a really good job with her direction. She gave a lot of charisma to this movie. You can really feel the excitement behind the camera. The casts all have excellent chemistry to one another.

Despite the fact that Rebel Wilson is doing pretty much the same thing all over again like making jokes about her self. For the most part, the characters int this sequel are really likable. This time they have to find their voice again because they feel they lost their talent.

If you are a fan of the first movie, might enjoy Pitch Perfect 2. The singing is great, lots of energy, excellent storyline, and well directed. I give this movie a B+.

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Pitch Perfect 2 - Movie Review Pitch Perfect 2 - Movie Review Reviewed by on May 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. Pitch Perfect 2 is a great example that sequels isn't always bad after all.


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