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Hot Persuit movie review. This movie is directed by Anne Fletcher and stars Resse Whitherspoon and Sofia Vergara and I believe it is refer to as a film in some stakes. Is it a piece of shit? Resse's character is incredibly a tough cop, she is forced into a witness protection program with Sofia Vergara, who she has to transport.

They are on the run because she is also being framed for a crime. Crazy things happened between them. I think you guys probably know that I am saying that the movie is really bad. Hot Pursuit is really disappointing because I am a fan of Resse Witherspoon. I loved her in Mud, American Psycho, Legally Blonde and she is a good comedic actress as well.

Sofia Vergara, you can say what ever you want about her voice that might annoyed you. But we all know she is an experience comedian for television. I was so exited to see of this two actresses were going to play off one another well and give us actually a funny movie. But it did not happen.

I am trying to be reasonable and calm about Hot Pursuit, but it's hard because I was trying to convince my self to not leave the theater.

This is just two actresses who are both trying to play off certain stereotype. And it got old after five minutes, in fact it was never new from the beginning.

Don't waste your time on Hot Pursuit, there is but one positive thing in this movie. That is the fact that Resse and Sofia are great but this movie is not the right vehicle for them.

In this Hot Pursuit movie revie, I give it 'D'.

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Hot Pursuit - Movie Review Hot Pursuit - Movie Review Reviewed by on May 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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