The Longest Ride - Movie Review

The Longest Ride is the latest  and yet another book to movie adaptation from King Of Love Story, Nicholas Sparks. He is the writer who made so many romance novels, and they are all turned  into movie. In fact, they are all have the exact same posters! Including The Longest Ride. 

There's always a love story with two young couple for some reason can't be together, and then rekindle when they are older.

2 hours and 19 minutes, The Longest Ride is the perfect title for this movie. They were many times when I was almost LEFT. But I sat there and watch the entire things.

Scott Eastwood plays as a good bull rider. He is getting to the point where he might injuring himself. He is Clint Eastwood's and you can tell because they look alike. 


It is well directed movie for the most part. Well shot and the cinematography looks nice. Until you examined it and you realized The Longest Ride is just the exact same movie we've already scene before. 

Britt Robertson is coming up in this year's Tomorrowland which I'm really looking forward to. She is good in the movie but there are times where I think she's a little over the top.

Scott Eastwood is a lot more subtle and she was kinda 'too much' at times. 

But the thing is, I can't justify this movie because it is the exact same Nicholas Sparks movies! They are going to get old people talking about when they were young when they first met and how sad and tragic it was. 

Young people who fell in love but cannot be together because something bad happened. Whole bunch of flashback sequences, focusing on the Southern people, and involve wars.

Not only that, this movie still has somebody reading a letter and people just bawled their eyes out.


I am giving this movie, D! 

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The Longest Ride - Movie Review The Longest Ride - Movie Review Reviewed by on April 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. I can deal with the romance novel genre and its cookie-cutter-ness; what I can’t abide by, however, is sitting through a watered-downed, unsatisfying and overly predictable romance novel-turned-movie.


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