Why You Should Buy iPhone 6

Now the first reason that you should get this device definitely has to be the quality. I know a lot of report have been going around saying that the iPhone 6 plus is bends, but the iphone 6 is a very solid device and built of of aluminum and Apple just put in the most high quality component to its devices and iPhone 6 is definitely built well, feels great in your hand and probably the reason why people enjoying the device.

The second reason is the CAMERA. iphone 6 has a great camera eventhough it is still 8mp the quality is gorgeous. It has a really nice shooter and a lot of people expect their phone to take great photos. beautiful HDR, slowmo video and even in a low light room.

The next thing that I want to bring out about the iPhone 6 is, it has to be the Apps Store. A lot of people are designing their applications for iOS which provides more quality apps and a bigger number of applications compared to Google Play Store or Window Store. That's the benifits when you're on iOS, you will get the newest and coolest applications. Thats the reason to own an iPhone.

Touch ID / Fingerprint sensor, I believe it is a lot better than it was on the iPhone 5s. This feature is very useful especially for doing quick things. With iOS 8, different applications can use that Touch ID to do different things like unlock certain application. It is a very cool interrogation eventhough a lot of phones have the same feature, Apple does a great jog implementing it.

The next point is definitely the exclusive to the iPhone 6 which is Apple Pay. Although it is not release yet, Apple Pay will be a cool way to go to the store without bringing a wallet. I think Apple Pay will be very popular and more businesses will support it in the future.  

The last point that I want to mention here is kind of specific but can be controversial as well. When you buy an iPhone and decide to sell it a year later the price doesn't drop as much and the value of your phone stays high which is very nice especially for people who like to change their devices a lot.  

The concludes the SHOULD post and you guys should go take a look at SHOULDN'T post now! 

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