Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult To Do Love Scene

Awkward... Jennifer Lawrence and her ex-boyfriend still have to film their love scene in X-Men Apocalypse. The pair who split earlier this year play mutant lovers in the next installment of the Marvel comic book, X-Men.

Jennifer as Mystique and Nicholas as Beast were hook up as the plot of the next film is literally based from their characters. A source told The Sun newspaper, "it's a huge assamble franchise but the point of the latest film is to focus on Jen and Nick's characters relationship

These to met on the set of first X-Men and only recently split after four years together. It's going to be so weird for them. Jennifer already has a new boyfriend, a very famous one. Coldplay's frontman, Chris martin who recently split from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Despite their changes and circumstances, it was too late for their bosses to rewrite the script and the pair are set to be determined to make it work. "They are very professional and will make it work."

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