True Detective Season 1 - Review

We love to watch anime or even Breaking Bad but we wait until we hear this show was great or ended well or people were very happy with it. So we sit and watch True Detective season 1 and do a review of this show. We learnt that the show is gonna be like a separate story each season so the first season concludes. 

We picked up Bluray of True Detective and watch all eight hours/eight episodes and we gotta say, this is one of the best tv shows we've ever seen in my life. 

The show is about two Louisiana state detectives played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. This guys are investigating a very gross and dangerous murder. But the show isn't so much about the case for awhile as it is about their personal life, how they get along with each other. Their family life and how that effects them and the case is kind of secondary thing until the later episodes where it becomes all about the cases

In the show, they honestly hate each other, they don't get along at all. This make their conversations fascinating and brought us to the dialogue writing. The writing for this tv show is so much better than plenty of movies released nowadays. The directions of the show is magnificent and we were so happy to learn that the show is actually filmed on film  which is so cool because it gave the show such a gritty look. 

Matthew McConaughey's character is a pessimist, he has a very straight forward view of life and does not get along with too many people, and yet brilliant at solving cases. Woody's character is much more normal we guess, he's got an average view of everything. 

Another great thing about the show is the narrative, how it jumps time. It;s all dome seamlessly. You don't need a little texts about 10 year previous or 10 years later at the bottom of the screen because it was filmed and directed so well so you could figure all at hat out just based on how the characters look and how the story was told. 

All this things built so magnificent finale that we thought was perfect. We don't thing this season could have ended in a better way. 

We are looking forward to see what's season 2 brings with new casts. We heard that they are bringing Rachel McAdams on True Detective season 2. WOW!

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True Detective Season 1 - Review True Detective Season 1 - Review Reviewed by on October 21, 2014 Rating: 5

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