Android Lollipop Best Features

Today will be going through out top 5 Android Lollipop features. The new OS released couple days ago along with three new Nexus devices and it promises to be the best software Google's ever release.


The first thing on our list is the material design which is Google's new philosophy about the way things behave. You will see more consistent animations through out the OS and basically see what those animations are coming from. Everytime an element appears on your screen, it's not just gonna appear out of nowhere. It's actually gonna slide in from somewhere or expand fro something. It's a completely different look for Android that features vivid new colors, typography, and edge to edge image. 


The new way to control when and how you receive messages ensuring you are not interrupted when watching a movie or playing games. For starter you will get notifications on the lock screen and it will be automatically ordered by priority and and youcan even anable priority modes only certain in the notifications get through. 


Batter battery life is something we always want and Google promises that Android Lollipop will bring a new battery saving mode. Project Volta will allow developers to identify how their apps using the batteries, so in a long run, they can make improvement. Google said that the new battery saving mode will give Nexus 5 an extra 90 minutes of power which is ridiculously crazy. You can also see the estimated time  to your devices charge, and the estimated time left before you need to charge again which is a very handy feature to have. 


Next up is Device Sharing, you now have the ability to multiple users for phones so lets say you forget your phone you still can call any of your friends or access any of your messages, photos or files. Just log in into Android phone running Lollipop which we think is a really cool and convenient feature. You have the option to add guess users for phones and table which will make it share with your family. This is super easy.


Google said that the security is the key element for Android and it's users. New devices will come with encryption automatically turn on to help protect data on your lost or stolen phone. Probably the coolest feature in regards of security is the new feature that will enable users to unlock their device only when they are physically near the other device like an Android Wear.

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