Apple iPad Air 2 - Honest Review

There is not very much to say about the iPad Air 2 but because it is not very much of it. You will only notice the design changes in iPad Air 2 is the removal sides switch. Which makes it slightly harder either to unlock rotation or mute the volume.

It's 18% thinner, and it's kinda like holding a screen and nothing else. The screen is actually biggest in best change in the new iPad Air 2. Previous iPad set an air gap between the display and the cover glass, but the new ones laminated display like every iPhones since the iPhone 4.  

That laminated display is the big reason in the new iPad's thinner, but most importantly it looks gorgeous. It's like you're touching pixels directly. We did notice that the screen seems a little bit pinker than our older Air but only when I really held it side by side.

Apple says the new iPad Air 2 has anti-reflective coating reduces glare by 56% but to be honest I did not notice it at all. The other big change is the back camera which is now 8MP sensor up from 5MP. You like it or not, people love to used their iPad's camera and Apple seems really exited about it. The photos them selves are not quite as good as the iPhone 6 particularly in low light. 

iPad Air 2 also has Touch ID sensor which works just like you'd expect. You can unlock the iPad, pay for things by using Apple Pay. Keep in mind that your finger print don't transfer between devices. So you have to set up Touch ID separately.

Inside, iPad Air 2 has A8X chip which is the same chip as the iPhone 6. Super fast. There is nothing about the iOS 8 on the iPad that really changes the experience of using a tablet. It's a little bit easier to switch from phone to tablet, but still using the iPad is mostly the same. 

The new iPad Air 2 is a much more powerful than the computer and laptop we had just a couple years ago.

Overall, iPad Air 2 is the best iPad so far, but Apple is leaving so much left undone. Holding it feels like the future, so thin and light it's almost impossible. 

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Apple iPad Air 2 - Honest Review Apple iPad Air 2 - Honest Review Reviewed by on October 22, 2014 Rating: 5


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