This Is Why your iPhone 6 Plus Bends

Hi everyone, we'll be talking about why your iPhone 6 Plus Bends. If you have been on the internet or social media or Tv you've probably seen a story about the iPhone 6 Plus bending. And Lew, from the Unbox Therapy has posted a couple videos that kind of show you how easily and kind of prophetic the iPhone 6 Plus feels especially if you can bend it with you bend hand.

iPhone 6 Plus bend video is completely 100% real. We didn't mean to add more fuel to the fire or to make more conspiracy about Lew making this video because we really wanting to explain why the iPhone 6 Plus bends and how to avoid it.

iPhone 6 Plus is very big aluminum and as you aluminum is soft and malleable material.  We see aluminum beer and soda cans, and people make aluminum things just to be more light weight and more flexible. 

Aluminum is a great material to accept shock waves and impact because it will deform. So the problem with the iPhone 6 Plus, it;s quite a large device and made out of one sheet aluminum. Inside, basically just plastic components, motherboardand battery. These things are internal cellphone. 

There is no metal beams inside and there is no structure except for external aluminum shell. When you have such amount of pressure on it, you can bend it quite easily because there's not that much compact things inside to keep it all in order.

The other side of the story is, should we really super seriously about the iPhone 6 Plus bends. Honestly we think we are taking this thing way to over the top.

But everyone has to accept that the aluminum is a great lightweight material and yes, it does bends.

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