Scarlett Johansson's Pregnancy Affecting 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'??

Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy was revealed and everyone immediately panicked! What will happen to the sexy Black Widow in the upcoming sequel?

The 20 year old actress is due to welcome her first baby onto the world with her fiance, Romain Dauriac, in August. Scarlett's film bosses were forced to lose thing schedule wise because of her impending baby's birth. 

But they insist the script has not changed. The Marvel Studio's boss admitted they wanted to hide Scarlett's bump so viewers can't even see her being pregnant. 

Kevin Feige tells, "well, my first reaction was I was very happy and exited for her. My second reaction was we have got to move some pieces of chess board around schedule wise. But we didn't changed the script at all. You would never see the Black Widow was pregnant during the filming of the movie when you see the final version of The Avengers 2." 



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