Is Naya Rivera leaving 'Glee?' She certainly eluded to that with her latest tweet. Naya posted a message that she could be leaving Glee. "On set with Glee shooting a very sweet Brit/Santana scene! #starttogethereendtogether." 

Ok, the tweet is one thing. But here is another sign that Naya's day maybe numbered. Lea Michele has been making press round promoting Glee's 100 episodes, and her album louder. And she has repeatedly saying Naya's name while talking about the upcoming New York's storyline.

Show's source has confirm that Naya's character, Santana, will not be seen on at least two episodes this season. However the current plan is to return before the forth season ends in May. 

That is actually pretty normal on the show. According to one Glee source for E!, that decision has not been finalized for Naya or for any of the characters. 

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