Kim Kardashian Spends One Million Dollars a Month

Kim Kardashian is rich, but if she keeps spending like this, this may not be for long. She is freaking loaded, thanks to her family multi-million dollars empire. But according to report, Kim spends one million dolllars a month.

According to Life & Style between renovating her 11 million dollars mansion and buying designer clothes and gifts, such as $100k Cartier watch for her fiance, Kanye West, Kim is showing out one million dollars a month.

Lets not even get's started on the wedding because she apparently going with money is not an option theory during the planning. She tells a source "'m out of control with my spending."

It's got worst when she started dating Kanye because she is trying to keep up with him. She easily spends $300k a week on clothing.

A family friend says "she is the rich version of living paycheck to paycheck. That woman burns through money like no one else." 



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