Can I Use Frozen or Canned Veggies For Babies?

Many parents who preparing food for their babies at home wants to know if it's okay to use frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. The answer is YES. However, there are few things you want to keep in mind. 


People do not realize often times that frozen fruits and vegetables are as fresh as you can possibly get them because they are frozen at the high of their season.

You can use then during the winter months because there is no added chemical so they are really great back up plan.


When it comes to canned food, one thing you need to know is that all traditional cans are lined with BPA, which it is a chemical that has been linked to cancer development. Another things is they are going to have added salt and sugar. Definitely something you want to stay away from.  

Using a dry beans is a great option. You just need to soaked them overnight. Dry beans are a little time consuming but worth afford. Try to avoid canned food. 



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