Rob Kardashian Weight Gain Risk His Life

Rob Kardashian has noticeably gained a lot of weight since his family entered the spotlight, but now the pounds are threatening his life.

Rob's doctor straight up told hi if he does not do something with his life is in danger. Now normally, we would think this is just over dramatise for the family's reality show, but Rob is the one could care less about the fame unlike his mom and sisters. 

But on the latest episode on the show, Rob was on medical help on the urging of his mother and manager, Kris Jenner, and the family was horrified by the result of his medical test.

Rob is at risk of his developing diabetes and eventual organ failure. Rob, who's father died at age 59 from cancer in 2003 agreed he needed some changes. He recently said "I've never felt so down or depressed in my life. I'm trying to be in the fashion industry and I' not going to be taken seriously when I'm 50 ponds overweight. It's embarrassing to the family." 

For the very latest on the Kardashians story, stay with us. 

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