John Travolta Breaks His Silence On Idina Menzel

John Travolta breaks his silence on the epic name flub at the Oscars, where he called Idina Menzel: 'Adele Dazeem.

The source told E! News that John Travolta had no problem with Idina Menzel's name during the rehearsals on Saturday. His run through was flawless making the name butchering even more perplexing.

As you can see, he totaly ruined Idina Menzel's name. So John Travolta has finally spoken and he kind of brushes it off as 'no biggie'. A statement to E! News, Travolta says "I've been beating my self up all day. Then I thought... What would Idina Menzel say? She'd say Let It go Let It Go. Idina is incredibly telented and I'm happy that Frozen took home two Oscars."

But seriously, poor Idina! It was her night to shine. Anyways, she reportedy had laughed it off after the show. Thinking it " So funny!" She even hugged him backstage.



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