Mila Kunis Will Be On 'Two and a Half Men'

This is the best news we have heard all day! Kelso and Jackie will reunite on a sitcom! But this time it's not the 70's and these two are engaged in real life!

What's better that they are real life lovers now or we get get to see two of our favorite Tv stars back on screen together? It's a win-win all around. Mila Kunis will be the guest star on her fince Ashton Kutcher's hit show Two and a Half Men.

These two are super private in real life and don't even like to be photographed together, and it seems they are much more open when it comes to their career. Mila will star in an opposite Ashton and will be play the role, 'Vivian.'

Vivian is a young free spirit traveler turn up on Ashton's character, Walden. She toys with him and he falls in love. Walden believes Vivian is the one but her appearance causes a stir as he was just about to propose to someone else.

Who doesn't love this? Let's just not forget, back in the day Ashton was Mila's very first kiss even though it was for filming. She lied about her age just to get case for the sitcom back then.

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