Brad Pitt to replace Matthew McConaughey in 'True Detective?'

Could Brad Pitt be the new lead on 'True Detective?' The hit series stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey is officially over and as we previously reported, the show will find two new lead detectives for each season. 

Brad Pitt is in the running of the upcoming installment. According to the Hollywood's Life, Brat's name has been mentioned a few times. An insider says. "Brat's name has come up many times. It is just the matter of what his other commitments are. It is the show of everyone wants to be on because the lining in the role is just so amazing.

An Brad has tide relation with HBO, he teamed up with Ryan Murphy last year to produce the HBO movie, 'The Normal Heart'. A source tells, "I know everyone would be thrilled to have him on board. But does he really go fo Tv?" The show was a huge hit too. Would you like to see Brat Pitt on the show? If you do, who is the right person to be his partner?



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