You can't change the fact that Scott Disick is one of the brilliant fashion icon out there. Scott is also Kourney Kardashian's boyfriend always look great with his attire.

His latest typical preppy attire -  a white long-sleeve top and ripped designer blue jeans. Although Scott had always seen changing his style, we have noticed that Scott has the same taste of wearing fantastic loafer.

Scott Disick's loafers collection is insane. He could match his loafers with casual polo, suits, shorts, or even blue jeans. Is it too much if I say that Scott is one of the best male dress celebrities?

He also had been seen wearing leopard-print loafers while taking sun bathing on the beach.

Well, you cannot go wrong in whatever you wear of you have that look, that reputation and even the lady next to you right?

Lets just see some of Lord Disick's loafers.



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