Miley Cyrus Disrespected Paula Patton?

Turns out the VMA's performance featuring Miley Cyrus played a bigger part in Robin Thicke's split than we ever thought. Paula Patton was pissed. 

Robin's long time wife felt disrespected by the two acting acting nasty on stage. According to TMZ, the 38 year old actress reportedly had a huge with the Blurred Line singer following the show.

She says the raunchy act was insulting to her because millions were watching. Source said, Paula was in rage because Miley improvised the performance without warning her husband, but he was happy to play along. 

As we previously reported Robin bagged Paula to put on a united front after the telecast. He wanted her to defend him because the world was attacking the performance. A source also told Us Weekly, the Miley fiasco was a big test of their relationship.  

If I were Paula, I would be hating Miley too. But what about the photo with Robin's hand up a groupie's butt?

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