Jon Gosselin Wants Ex-Wife Kate to Die

Jon Gosselin tells us how he really feels and in turns out he wants his ex wife to die. Once the star of America's number one reality shoe, John and Kate bitterly divorced in 2009 and they share eight children. 

His days, Jon on his own show calls couple therapy. He just made he's show popular by going off about Kate. Unable to hold back, Jon unleashes an 'F' bomb about his narcissistic ex wife. Clearly he is mad but she gets the kids the majority of the time and he doesn't.

Jon furiously yells Kate "go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants. She can go an effing die. There's your honest dipiction of Kate Gosselin. So 'F' it. Peace of effing sh*t! What a sh**y human being." 

A earful Jon also revealed that he is written a book his life " but I'm just afraid to publish it. It took me two year". Jon said Kate is the reason he is scared.

Well guys, I just dont know what to say about this story. Maybe he has to let things go. 

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