Sandra Bullock to Earn $70 Million from 'Gravity'

Sandra Bullock is set to earn $70 Million from her movie, Gravity. Too bad for Angelina Jolie that she kicking her self right about now. 

She was supposed to get the role in the Oscar nominated film but she dropped out. According to Hollywood reporter, the studio knew it needed a mega star to carry a drama about a woman stranded in space, who's spent most of the movie alone.

Gravity has earned more than $700 million dollars at the world wide box office. So, Sandra is taking more than 50 million. She will also get a percentage from home video and Tv income which is estimated at $20million. 

How did Sandra landed a huge money making role? She ironed out the agreement back in 2010, and remember she was writing high of her Oscar winning role in The Blind Side. Sandra was the best choice by far. According to source, Gravity is on track to be the most profitable among this year's best picture Oscar nominees.

Sandra Bullock to Earn $70 Million from 'Gravity' Sandra Bullock to Earn $70 Million from 'Gravity' Reviewed by on February 27, 2014 Rating: 5

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