We look at the giant briefcase when unboxing the product. The Nokia Lumia 929 or more known as LUMIA ICON. So now, put some juice in the battery and it's time for the first look!

Nokia Lumia Icon is unlike almost other Windows's phone. Because it has a construction like no other or at least unlike Nokia. This one uses a metal band running all around the device. It is thin, feels very solid and actually surprisingly really light weight in your hand. 

You dont loose all the polycarbonate because you still have back made out of cool stuff and it feels very high quality.


Up in the front you will find 1080pixels, 5 inch OLED display. For the first impression, colors are pretty deep but i actually this thing outside in the direct sunlight. So, I have no clue how it will react.


Inside, you have 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and Windows Phone 8. 2GB RAM and 2GB built-in storage. Also, swing the phone around to reveal 20 megapixels pure view sensor. Thankfully optical image stabilization.
It runs Windows 8 which take it or leave it, it is an 'OK' software. The adoption's rate not very high but it still proves to be functional software.


You will find apps like the Nokia music application, and my favorite is the Nokia Pro Cam which basically you can control everything, such as ISO, white balance, focus, shutter speed, exposure and to me, it's impressive to compare to any other smartphone in the market!

So this phone will be on February 20.

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