Ariana Grande Is PREGNANT?

Ariana Grande Is PREGNANT? Kylie Jenner magically hid her pregnancy for 9 months and some fans speculating that this unexpected celebrity learnt a thing or two from Kylie ans is doing the same.

We guess if you don't post photos on Instagram in awhile it means that you are pregnant nowadays. That's what fans of Ariana Grande are thinking a least. The fans have been tweeting about A Dangerous Woman singer is pregnant with her boyfriend, Mac Miller's baby.

The star has not been posting anything since the end of 2017 and only been seen out once recently.

So, let's take a deeper look. (1) Ariana posted a video in 2017 and but she was not even in the shot. (2) She posted a photo of her self shows her her sitting with her knees to her chest. Opposed to hide a baby bump perhaps?

(3) Her first public appearance in months was out at an Oscars After Party with Mac and while you think we could dispel these rumors form pictures from that night, we actually can't really. (4) Ari and Mac have been dating since 2016, so that's a decent amount of time to be with someone before things get more serious.

Our bet is Ariana just laying low, making some new music and enjoying her man.
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