Android P - Things You Should Know

There is  a new version of Android out. Google released the developer preview for Android P the other day and we get to try it.

It is very early on the process. We don't know what 'P' stands for. There is a lot of new features that Google has not shown off yet. But if you want an early look at Google's OS, this is it.

Just to be clear, this is very early developer preview. If you don't have a spare test device around, you probably should not install this on your main device.

Android P - Things You Should Know

One of the biggest stuff we have notice is a support for a notch. Just like on the iPhone X, Android is adding native support for notches. You will also be able to simulate different shapes of notches.

Google also updating how messaging works on Android P. You will be able to see the last few messages in conversations directly from the notifications, remember what you were talking about and be able to response directly in line in the notifications.

Android P will be able to identify if your phone is playing wide screen video content and automatically play it in wide screen even if rotation lock is on. Isn't it something we have been waiting for?

Lastly, we are starting to see hints what could be a new overall design on Android P. There were rumors that Google was planning on overhauling design. From what we have seen so far, the Setting menus has been updated. It is now more colorful and there is overall theme of more rounded design going around.

We meant the notification bubbles and dock have rounded edges. And, there seems to be new fonts too.

There is know way to know if this is final for the OS.
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