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Winchester is directed by the Spierig brothers and this film tells the kind of semi true story based off the hauntings at the Winchester mansion. This is the home of the widow of the inventor of the Winchester rifle.

She is portrayed by Helen Mirren and a doctor portrayed by Jason Clarke is sent to investigate her to see if she is sane. She claims that she starts to see the souls of the people that were killed by this rifle. In order to combat this, she hires workers to to begin constantly working on the construction of the house.

Because if there is one thing that ghosts hate, it's construction.

Last year, the same directors of this film made another horror movie titled Jigsaw. One of our biggest complaints with Jigsaw was the setup and execution pretty much all of its scares. And the big issue with Winchester is again, the scares.

There is not one, effective scare in this entire movie. The only possible way we could see anybody being scared by the film is that they have never ventured into the horror genre before. Not only there are tons of jump scare in this movie, but most of them are false jump scares.

Winchester reminded us a lot of The Woman In Black because it is just generic, bland, and forgettable. The characters are inexcusably boring. We do not even care about anyone in this film but Helen Mirren is a good actor and has been in good movies before and she has an Oscar.

This movie has so much potential. You have this building that is an actual location but the movie does not d anything with this setting.

Skip this one and just reading on Wikipedia page.

Winchester movie rating - 4/10  

Winchester - Movie Review Winchester - Movie Review Reviewed by on February 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. guess she is the family from Dean Winchester and Sam the Supernatural series.

    Will sure watch this movie once its out..;D


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