Peter Rabbit - Movie Review

Peter Rabbit - Movie Review. Peter Rabbit is directed by Will Gluck and this film is a loose adaptation of of the 1900 children's book that also follows Peter Rabbit. But in this film follows a family of rabbits who live in the country and it shows Peter who was portrayed by James Corden.

Peter is very cunning, quick, and smart. He tries to sneak into neighbor's garden to steal food.  But when a new neighbor who was portrayed by Domnhall Gleeson moves in, he has to try to outsmart him while also trying to keep his family intact.

This film is produced by Sony Pictures Animation which throughout their filmography have really run the gamut in terms of quality. You have movies that range from great to just okay, to just terrible like The Emoji Movie.

Going into this movie, it's really in anyone's guess on where this film will fall. But if you have a family and you are trying to find something to do this weekend, we do not think Peter Rabbit is a half bad option.

In the theaters right now there is not a ton of options for children other than Black Panther.

Peter Rabbit is not a great movie but we would be lying to if we said that we did not enjoy this film at all. What Peter Rabbit is trying to achieve not only in terms of its charm but its esthetic value.

Love him or hate him, James Corden is a huge start now. For the most part he does do an alright job as the voice for Peter Rabbit.

The biggest issue we have with his performance is the character of Peter os supposed to be a very slick and sneaky. We do not find that in James Corden's voice. We thought the only reason that they hired Corden was just because he is now recognizable celebrity.

But for Domnhall, he knows exactly what type of movie he is in which is this blend between live-action.

Some scenes made us laugh but some scenes made us cringe really hard.

We rate Peter Rabbit 6.5/10
Peter Rabbit - Movie Review Peter Rabbit - Movie Review Reviewed by on February 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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