Best Tech Under $50

Best Tech Under $50. These are some of the coolest tech you can buy under that price point. If you are students or somebody that is currently under budget, this article might give you some ideas on what to get for cheaper price.

Cozoo Headphone Dock

This is and headphones hanger with with a USB charger built-it. This dock is pretty cool. This one does not give you that added extra benefit of being able to charge some products on the side as well. You have a three USB ports on the front of the hangerand you can put your headphones on each side.

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Where the headphones sit, there these little grooves so you could possibly route cables. We have some heavy headphones and it does not come off at all.

Roav Viva

Efficient way to get Amazon Alexa in your car and that is this Roav Viva. All you have to do just plug this to your phone cigarette lighter and it will give it power. Connect to your smartphone, and now you have Alexa in your car.

Once you download the app, it will connect everything for you and sync it to your own Amazon account so then Alexa's enabled. Keep it in mind, it will use your data on your phone. Our favorite feature is that you can sync your Spotify to Alexa.

get it for $49.99 :

PC Power Button with Audio & USB Ports

This is an external power and reset button for your PC. Instead of going to your case and pressing the button to turn on and off you can do it just from this button. It also has your audio port to your headphones and mic jack, plus two USB ports as well.

4K HDMI Switcher 

Plug in multiple input, this device lets you have three. For example, if you have your XBox, PS 4, and your cable box, check the all here and plug this to your to and you are good to go. Also, you will get a remote to control the device.

Get it for $28.99 :

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