Apple HomePod - Honest Review

Apple HomePod - Honest Review. Apple HomePod has been on the market for a little over a week now and its intelligent is pretty fitting. Apple decided to enter the smart home speaker market but has to carry all the 'Apple restriction'.

The HomePod requires an iPhone or any iOS devices. It basically cant really use the product without any of Apple iOS device.

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Siri is the only way to interact with the HomePod the way it was intended to. So you have to be okay with some rules like you HAVE to be an Apple mucis subscriber to listen to some music. If you are a Spotify kind of guy, it will no music at all.

So Apple created this for Apple custmers not just for general customers. You must be tied and completely embrace all of the things with Apple. The hardcore Apple customers would not really mind these rules.

The most important thing of the quality speaker is .... the speaker. More specifically the sound quality coming out.

Homepod is by far the best sound at home smart speaker you can pick up to date! It is pretty louder and clear that any Echo product has ever been.

If you are looking for a Beat style music quality then the HomePod it is.

The microphone pick up is also really good. Even when you have music playing at maximum volume, it is very clear and you don't have to raise your voice to activate the HomePod.

As we said before the HomePod is the best sounding smart speaker available. Also, it is very tiny. Mayber the size of two Amazon Echo second generation.

However, our experience is far from the best. Like we have mentioned, Siri is okay on iPhones but it's complete garbage on the Apple HomePod. It will able to detect multiple voices. Anyone can activate HomePod. If you have personal request, anyone can read you messages at will.

Our experience with HomePod is extremely mixed,  the sound quality just is note enough. So just wait for the second generation.

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