BLU Life One X3 REVIEW. We have been testing the BLU Life One X3 fro the past few weeks and in our testing we found this phone really excel in two key areas which battery life and its performance.

It is also worth noticing that the price of this phone is extremely appealing. Blue is selling this phone for $150 (limited time) and the price will go up to $250 very soon so if you want one, now is the right time to buy it.


Blue is known for producing smartphones with very appealing price ratios. The One X3 is a well-rounded budget smartphone. For examples, it features a metallic build constructions that feels cool to the touch and relatively premium.

What separate this build from the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy's phone is the separation of materials. It doesn't feel quite sturdy or economic in the hand as the higher-end phones.


Often times when we review a budget smartphone, we usually find problems with the HD display. With BLU Life One X3, it tends to be a mediocre 720p resolutions LCD panel.

BLU Life One X3 has full HD 1080p panel with fairly thin side bezels solid with viewing angles and the color vibrancy. We are looking at 400 pixels per inch index which is certainly retina pleasing.
Contest looks pretty darn good on this display.

Finger-print scanner

There are three capacity touch navigation buttons below the display that you should know about. And surprisingly it has finger-print scanner, but it does not unclock you phone pretty quickly like iPhones and Samsung devices.


It is running Android 7 Nougat and it feels like it is straight from Google. The default home launcher features Google Now. Apps do not have custom skinned icon. It is nice and neat.


With 64GB Octa-core MediaTek processor paired with 3GB of RAM, there not a whole lot to this phone can't handle. You will notice some problems here and there while loading apps because it costs you jus $150. But generally speaking, it performs well.


The main 13mp camera sensor should work well for the occasional photos. The camera performance is really where this phone falls flat against the competition. The sensor features a f/2.2  that is not up to snuff with the f/2.0.


The battery life is excellent. Under hood lies a 5,000 mAh battery that supporst quick charging. You should be able to get two days of moderate to heavy usage with this phone.

Visit this link to learn more about the price because we are not very sure how long the lower price will last >> BLU Life One X3

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