Best Android Apps of December 2017

Best Android Apps of December 2017. This is the last time where we share some of our favorite Android apps of 2017 to hit the Play Store during December.

Best Android Apps of December 2017

1. Microsoft Launcher

It was formally know as the Arrow Launcher. It is been around for a little while now it did get a big update. You can personalize the launcher by changing the theme colors, wallpapers and icon packs.

Swipe to the right will reveal you calendar events, news, contacts, documents and more. Up top is a search bar for web results as well as local data like apps.

2. 8Bit Photo Lab

This is a super fun app to have in your inventory especially if you are an avid Instagram user. This app will convert any picture on your phone or straight to your camera to retro 8Bit pixel art. Choose a photo, scroll through a selection of 8Bit filters and review before posting it.

3. Ahead

Ahead is a very challenging game that will test you reflexes. You have to swing an axe and let it twirl to collect as many points as you can but everytime you collect them, it turns faster. Player cannot go beyond the arena or touch the sharpen walls otherwise it will blow up.

4. Spyglass

Spyglass is a must have app if you are an adventure because it offers an offline compass, GPS navigator, speedometer, and waypoint tracker. Basically, it is everything you need to not get lost. What is really cool about it is that you dont need internet for these functionalities to work.

5. DigiLux

This the app that you will only find on Android. It lets you set up swiping gestures on your finger print sensor to control your brightness. We have seen similar apps, but we thought DigiLux is a smart idea to swipe the finger print.

6. Typing Challenge

This is like Mavis Beacon for your smartphone. It will determine just how of a mobile typer you are. The app provides paragraph which you need to type and time counter of 60 seconds. You need to type as may words as possible within the 60 seconds.

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