OnePlus 5T Is It Worth it?

OnePlus 5T Is It Worth it? If we take a step back, 2017 has been one of the biggest and best years of smartphones. For smartphone's display in particular.

When OnePlus 5 launched less than six months ago, it had a premium built, fast processor and clean software to help it compete against the iPhone and Galaxy S8. But the device did not have a particularly worthy display.

The new OnePlus 5T looks significantly refreshed that feature to help narrow the gap between its competitors.

OnePlus 5T Is It Worth it?

But if friends ask us what if the best Android phone to buy right now, we would say OnePlus 5T. The reason we are recommending it because is it value for money. OnePlus 5T starts at $500 and that is the same as the older, OnePlus 5. But also, $400 cheaper that Pixel 2 XL and half of the price of iPhone X.

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But it is not just because it is cheaper. The 5T is one of our favorite phone to use and the have addressed almost the issues we had with OnePlus 5. The trimmed the bezel right down so you get bigger and taller screen in roughly the sames size phone.


They also improved the camera by replacing the second telephoto lens with a better low-light lens. In which reduces noise and improves image quality over OnePlus 5.

Face unlock

OnePlus 5T added face unlocking with the front camera although honestly we still prefer using fingerprint scanner which is now on the back rather than the front.


The slim aluminum body feels great and is not a finger print magnet like most of the phones right now. Although it is quite slippery so we recommend you using a case.


The 6 inch, 18:9 aspect ratio screen uses an AMOLED panel which is bright and really vibrant. OnePlus 5T has the same 3300 mAh battery as the OnePlus 5. But despite the bigger screen and probably thanks to the fact that it is stuck with a full HD plus resolution, it is still very impressive.


Thanks to the latest Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB although you also can get 8GB of RAM. Now, it is a bit of a shame that OnePlus 5T ships Android 7.1.1 rather that Android Oreo. The best news, they have kept the 3.5mm audiojack

There's not a whole lot new here, OnePlus 5T basically offers a refined design and updated camera. So it is not worth upgrading if you already have OnePlus 5. But considering they are the same price, and if you are looking for a new phone, we are definitely recommending OnePlus 5T.

The most importantly for us is that OnePlus 5T is fast and responsive. After Pixel 2, this is the fastest Android phone we have ever used.

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